Patio, decking & driveway cleaning in Bromsgrove

What sets us apart from other drive and patio cleaning companies is that this is our speciality. We are the experts in steam cleaning and high pressure jet washing services and can restore your surface so it looks as good as new.

We clean drives, decking and patios in Bromsgrove and areas such as Droitwich, Kidderminster, Redditch, Worcester and Birmingham.

Avoid the cost of a new patio, decking or driveway and see what we can do to transform your home and garden. We use the latest equipment, our staff are experienced and skilled, and we get results.

All of our driveway and patio cleaning in Bromsgrove business comes from word of mouth and referrals and all of our customers are satisfied. It’s a bold statement, but one we can make with confidence – as customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Driveway cleaning in Bromsgrove

Whether your drive is made from tarmac, natural stone, or block paving, we can restore it back to its original condition using our incredibly efficient steam cleaning and jet washing equipment.

When we’ve deep cleaned the area and removed all the dirt, grime, stains, and algae, we can then advise on what restoration work may be beneficial. For block paved areas we can re-sand the joints, apply algae treatment to stop further algae growth and seal the surface to keep it clean for as long as possible.

We can restore tarmac back to its original colour, and for natural stone areas we can apply algae treatment, repoint the mortar, and then seal the surface.

Patio & decking cleaning
nice patio cleaned in Bromsgrovenice patio cleaned in Bromsgrove

Patio cleaning in Bromsgrove

We can deep clean any kind of patio, whether it’s made from block paving, tarmac, or stone.

Our equipment is much more technically advanced than many other companies which means our results are impressive.

Stubborn stains, oil spills and years of embedded dirt can be shifted, thanks to our professional steam cleaning and high pressure jet washing service.

Once cleaned we can then help to stop any deterioration and make good any signs of wear and tear by re-sanding joints, re-pointing mortar, applying algae treatment and sealing surfaces.

deckng area ready to be cleaneddeckng area ready to be cleaned

Decking cleaning in Bromsgrove

We’ll use our specialist equipment to jet wash and steam clean your decking area, removing all traces of grime and algae.

Our equipment is incredibly versatile, using different temperatures and pressures to really shift any stubborn dirt and stains and your decking area will look as good as new afterwards.

H2O Restoration

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